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How do you move forward from a loss like this?

“What was left of me was not a whole lot, not my former self. Because Michael and I were connected, joined, fused together, it was hard to make the distinction between him and me. We affected each other so much and so deeply it was hard to tell where one soul ended and the other started. The seams that fastened us together were twisted and indistinct, folding into each other, entwined like lovers’ bodies. So when you took one away, ripped it at the seams, you took whole fragments of the other half so that the edges were left jagged and uneven.”

Skylar Medina has never asked for much – just to marry the man she loves and create the family she missed out on with him. But when Michael is killed in a car accident, she becomes consumed with rage and despair. Receiving help from the unlikeliest of places, Skylar must navigate her grief, her destructive tendencies, and the web of complicated relationships with friends and family to discover what it means to move on, overcome, and how to find hope when all seems lost.

Will Skylar have the strength to let love in again? Or will she let anger and grief destroy her?

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