I couldn’t believe she’d said that.

Did she actually feel that way? About me? About the work I cared so much about?

Goddamn, that stung.

I raced home in my truck. Got out, slammed the door, kicked the tire for good measure, then stormed into the house and paced the living room.

Had I been deluding myself into thinking that this was going to work out between us? I knew she was desperate to get Nate to go away to college, and I’d knew how she felt about most of the guys who hung out at Charlie’s but was I stupid to believe that she didn’t feel the same way about me?

My stomach twisted, feeling like it was flipping over on itself inside of me.

I thought we’d been on equal footing. But now…now I wasn’t so sure. It felt like the tables had turned and she was the one that came out on top, hovering over me.

Maybe this was what clarity felt like. She was too good for me. Or maybe she just thought she was. Fuck, I didn’t know anymore.

I grabbed a beer out of the fridge, slammed it down on the coffee table, and turned on the PS4, thinking there was nothing Call of Duty couldn’t distract me from. Especially these horrible feelings spiraling inside of me.