Tattoo artist Milo Torres knows there’s more to Charleston than meets the eye. 

Anyone worth their weight in salt can feel it the moment they step over the county line into Charleston, South Carolina—can sense that there’s more than just humidity lingering in the air that sweeps these shores. 

There’s magic. Ancient, powerful magic. 

Moonlit howls. Golden eyes. A wolf, staring at her from across the flames on a starless night.
This is what sixteen year old Alexandra Cruz wakes up to the night after she’s taken by a man she doesn’t know, but who seems to know her.
That, and pain. Jaw-clenching, heart-stopping, breath-gasping pain. 
She doesn’t know where she is, how long she’s been there, or what is happening to her. All she knows is that something is not right. She can feel it in the very sinews of her bones, her cells, the molecules of her DNA.
And her instincts are telling her that this is all wrong. 

When Alex shows up on Milo and his younger brother Mateo’s doorstep one night, asking for their help, they and their friends—a librarian and a cop, no less—must decide if they’re willing to descend into the depths of magic entrenching this city, for a girl they’ve only just met.

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