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A new urban fantasy adventure.

This is Charleston. 

And underneath the charming facade of the historic clapboard houses and the beautifully woven wrought iron fences lies a bloodied and grim history. One only has to feel the cobblestones beneath their feet as they walk past the Old Slave Mart on Chalmers street to feel the weight of a past not so long gone. 

Pirates and prostitutes, patriot and confederate soldiers alike—there’s more than just bodies buried here. And their ghosts aren’t the only things haunting these streets.

There’s magic.
Ancient, powerful magic.

Built on the energy of the changing moon tides and tectonic fault lines, the strength of hurricanes and earthquakes, it’s the kind of magic that draws the supernatural from all corners, of this plane and beyond. Some friend, some foe, most just want to be left alone.

Tattoo artist Milo Torres knows it. That awareness is what brought him to these hallowed streets years ago with his younger brother Mateo in tow. 

Librarian Rosalee James was born into it. Her high society father and French Huguenot descendant mother raised their sailor swearing, ink-covered Southern Belle of a daughter to own this town like it’s her God given birthright. And it is, in more ways than she even knows. 

Officer Cyrus Jacobson wants to understand it. Things have gotten so weird even he can’t deny there’s something interfering with his job to serve and protect the city he calls home when he puts on the badge everyday. 

And Alexandra Cruz, well, let’s just say, she’s about to become up close and personal with it.

Welcome to the Holy City, kids.
Grab your salt, your holy water and your talismans,
some crystals and a protective enchantment or two,
you’re gonna need em.